31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 3: Say Yes!

As a parent, there are some days when it feels like somebody cut our pull string and now all we can say to our kids is an endless litany of no no no. It can be exhausting for everyone and, sooner or later, your kids won’t even hear you anymore. Maybe it’s time to turn every single No! into a Yes!  We hereby declare a Yes Day!

The idea on Yes Day is to take away all of the limits and the power struggles that are too often part of every other day of the year. Sometimes we say no to our kids because it is our job to keep them safe and on the correct side of the law. More often than not, we say no because it’s easier for us, more convenient, because we’re tired, because (be honest) we were hoping to eat those last two cookies after the kids went to bed. But by saying yes, as much as you can, just for one day, you can allow their creativity to blossom by finding wonderful and silly ways to spend a day.  And maybe the next time you want them to try something new, they’ll be a little more likely to say YES!

Give Yes Day a try. We bet you’ll find that the happiness it gives your kids is far sweeter than those last two cookies.


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