31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 4: Make Something Fun Together

The Fourth of July is a great time to be a kid with all of the fun, friends, family, food, and fireworks. It’s also the perfect time to work on fine motor skills and math by making an easy dessert together.  Here are two that our kids love…

Red, White and Blue Kebabs – The middle of summer is the perfect time to take advantage of in-season fruits: blueberries and blackberries, watermelon and strawberries. Cut watermelon into slices and let your kids use cookie cutters to make star shapes. Toss them in a bowl with fresh blueberries for a festive and fruity snack for the fourth. Or halve strawberries and cut bananas into one-inch chunks and have your kids place them along with blueberries on wooden shish kebab skewers. 

Patriotic Pretzels and Cookies – Divide your favorite sugar cookie dough into three parts (if your favorite comes in a tube, we won’t tell). Leave one part plain and mix red food coloring into one and blue into the last. From here, kids can be creative and use star-shaped cookie cutters, roll them into long, thin ropes and braid the three colors together, or whatever their imaginations suggest. Once they are done shaping the dough, bake the cookies as the recipe directs. For the pretzels, simply melt white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler. Kids can dip one end of pretzel rods into the chocolate then roll them in red or blue sanding sugar (or whatever patriotic combination you can find in the cake decorating aisle of your grocery store).


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