7/10 – 31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 10: Making a Homemade “Facebook”

Ready to unplug your kids for a little bit? How about creating a homemade “Facebook” together! Here’s how…

First, gather materials from around the house (you’ll be surprised at how much you already have). Print photos of your children’s friends and family. Other materials that you may already have include old magazines, wrapping paper, stickers, yarn, and glitter. You’ll also need ten sheets of construction paper.

Start by folding the ten sheets of 8.5 x 11 (or 11 x 17) sheets of construction paper in half, and either glue the folds one on top of the other to bind, or stack them together and staple from the outside. To keep little fingers safe, glue ribbon over the staples on both sides.

On each sheet inside the booklet, ask the kids to tell you whom they wish to include and help them write their names at the top. Use the entire photo or help the children practice cutting out the faces. Glue these underneath the names and have your child tell you what they know about their buddies. Then, have them look through magazines or use stickers to help tell the story.
This is a fun way for the kids to spend time cherishing each of their friends while also enjoying the art of their own creativity. It’s a book that will surely be held onto forever.


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