31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 17: Take the Art Outside!

After being in school for nine months, outside is where we all want to be. Especially the artistic types among us. Because there’s no more inspiring place to make art than under the big blue sky. Here are a few ideas for bringing your child’s creativity out into the open air.

Take the easel outside. It’s that simple. Little painters really enjoy the change of light and sights and surroundings. And they can make any old mess without worry.

Gather rocks, flowers, pine cones, moss, sticks, and more for a still life. Have the children arrange their finds on an outdoor table and then draw together. Or the smaller ones may just enjoy making their “sculpture.”

Introduce the art of flower arrangement. Wild flowers are everywhere these days, and few little hands can resist picking them. When you get home, all you need are a few empty jars and cups of different sizes (just raid the recycling bin) and some water and scissors too. Let the kiddos experiment with different combinations of flowers and containers. Water and clippings will get everywhere, so this is a good one for the stoop or the backyard.



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