5 Easy Cardboard Box DIY Projects for After Christmas

If you’re anything like us, post-Christmas you’re left with a ton of empty boxes and kids jumping off the walls looking for something to do during the rest of their winter break. We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite DIY projects that will help you put those boxes to good use while entertaining your kids and having lots of fun.


1. Cardboard slide from the Contemplative Creative: It’s not every day you’ll let your kids take over the house and turn the stairs into a playground but when the weather is awful and the house is filled with the excitement of the holidays, well, it’s the perfect time to break the rules!


2. Giddy-up! This DIY is actually perfect all year, because you just need cereal boxes. These horsies from kv . barn will provide hours of fun.


3. Ahhhh-dorable is what this DIY shoe tie practice board is. Salsa Pie, we thank you for sparking our creativity!


4. It is soooo fun building indoor racetracks. Using a box as a foundation, like this example from Kids Activities Blog, is a great way to draw roads and background details and get creative.


5. Last but not least, for a bird’s-eye-view make this cardboard airplane from Mini Mocha.

Have more ideas for easy cardboard DIYs? Share your box-inspirations in the comments or on social media by tagging @Schoola and using the hashtag #BoxDIY.

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