Featured School: Jean Parker Elementary in San Francisco, CA


Jean Parker Elementary is nestled snuggly in San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, and the student body of 280 are diverse, many new immigrants with Chinese as their first language. Schoola was a great fundraising option for Jean Parker because, rather than asking parents for monetary donations, they were able to participate in a school-wide clothing drive. These funds are going to support programs that would otherwise fall to the wayside.

To date, Jean Parker has raised nearly $1,000 through Schoola, which will fund a twice-yearly science assembly. These educational events hosted by scientists inspire children to pursue subjects they may otherwise have little knowledge of. Thank-you notes from students showed the impact of the assembly, some even excited about being a scientist when they grow up.

Jean Parker is still actively raising money for other programs–and you can shop their Schoola page to help support their fundraising. Other supported programs include a mobile computer lab to replace outdated technology and a YMCA coach to do physical education activities with the children, an important part of the day that can often be dismissed when funds are tight.

If you’re interested in doing a fundraiser at your own school, contact coach@schoola.com to set up a drive, or simply request a prepaid-postage donation bag. And if you have a Schoola fundraising story to tell, tweet @Schoola or tag us on Facebook with the hashtag #SchoolaSuccess. We want to hear from you, and share your story!



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