Let’s Talk About Sizing


Your kiddos grow like weeds, and it’s hard to keep up with sizing. We’re here to help answer a few questions to make it easier to find pieces perfect for your little ones, and maybe a few for yourself! We don’t re-size clothes, but aim to accurately represent the size in the brand’s own words. There is some variation between makers, but in general the below guidelines hold true.

What’s the difference between size 2 and 2T?
Good question! Children’s garments marked with a “T” usually have room for a diaper or snaps inside the legs to make it easy to change a diaper, while those without the “T” are often styles that are perfect for a toddler who has graduated out of a diaper, and are cut slimmer for toddlers with longer legs who are already walking. Another difference is that clothing with the “T” is often more babyish in style compared to the mini-me styles of size 2. Of course this depends on the brand to some degree. You’ll want to note, when sizes are listed in between, such as 18 months, we round up to size 2. You’ll also find size 24 months under size 2, but you can see the size on the tag marked in the details section on the product page.

How about a size 6 vs a 6x?
Size 6x is a funny size in between size 6 and 7–a true size smaller than 7, but a size larger than 6. It’s about an inch bigger around and an inch longer in length. Of course, as always, this varies by brand. This means if your child is big for his or her age, they can still dress like a first grader, rather than falling into the larger clothing size range of 7-12, which often means more mature styles. Size 6x is not a “plus-size” or “husky” size as it’s sometimes confused for. And not all designers offer this size.

How about husky?
This size designation means there’s a little extra room in the waist, thighs, and chest. You can see when items on our site are husky by looking in the product details section.

Why do some of your items have multiple sizes listed?
We want to provide the most accurate sizing information possible, so if multiple sizes are listed on a tag, we make sure to include them all in the product details. With European sizes, we convert them to the comparable U.S. size in order to allow you to filter by size. This means they are often listed as multiple sizes. You can also always see the European size listed in the product details.


You have women’s and men’s items in the High Schoola section. What gives?
We want to earn the most for every school, so we accept and offer clothes that fit from 1 year to 18 years. Many teens wear adult sizes. The best part? This means you can find something for yourself when you’re shopping for your kids. All adult sizes are marked as men’s or women’s, and you can filter by size in the teen section.

But what’s the difference between women’s and junior’s sizes in the High Schoola Girls section?
Juniors sizes are designed for teens and are narrower than women’s. They are usually odd number sizes (ie 7, 9, 11), while women’s are even.

What’s the deal with men’s sizes? 
Men’s sizes are expressed as waist measurements and are consolidated for ease of filtering. You can see the detail of the actual waist size on the product page.

28” Waist 29-30” 31-33” 34-35” 36-40” 42-46”

Do you have plus-size clothing on your site?
Yes, we do! You can find plus-size clothing in the High Schoola Girls section, and you can filter for your size, up to size 22.

What about petite sizes?
Yup! All petite sizes are marked in the product details on the product page. We are constantly improving our website and are working to offer the ability to filter by petite within the next few months. Stay tuned!

Well, hope that helps you find just what you’re looking for, but if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out at hello@schoola.com.


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