We’re Making Improvements Based on Your Feedback!


The last year at Schoola has been filled with milestones—from 5 schools served to 10,000, from 30 items added to our inventory a day to thousands, there’s been a lot of growth. And along with quick expansion comes opportunities to improve. That’s why we’re making adjustments based on your feedback to make your experience even better. Here’s what’s up at Schoola:

  • We launched a new sizing quality assurance tool this month, which has helped us process inventory more accurately, and ensure our sizes are labeled properly. Plus, you can now find a little sizing tutorial here. And as a reminder, you can always filter by size when browsing, which makes it easier to find exactly what you want.
  • Have a question that needs an answer stat? We’ve built out our customer care team, and added a Saturday shift during big promotions to ensure you have a speedy reply.
  • We’re listing more items on our site than ever, which means more goodies for you, and more money raised for schools. With a growing team at our warehouse, we’re now able to launch thousands of items a day.
  • Keep an eye out for more product photography—we’re increasing our photo processing capabilities so you can see more angles of the items you love, and make more informed decisions about what you’re buying.

We have more surprises up our sleeves (pun intended), but this is just a sampling of the improvements we’re making to ensure you have a great experience with Schoola. If you have more suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Simply comment below.

4 thoughts on “We’re Making Improvements Based on Your Feedback!

  1. These are great changes that will make the site more user-friendly! It would also be great if you could send an email when you receive a bag of clothes. That way in the weeks between sending it and the items showing up for sale, we wouldn’t have to wonder if it was lost in the mail. Thanks!

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  2. I agree with Annie and Kayla (above comments).

    * I’d like to check my orders, past and current
    * It would be nice to have the tracking numbers next to the orders online.
    * An email stating “bag” received would be considerate.
    * Items in the bag should be clickable to read the full details again.
    * Referrals should be viewable so customers know who they already sent an invite to.
    * Once a referral signs up a star (or other denotation) should be next to their name.
    * Once a referral makes a purchase a smiley-face (or other denotation) should be next to their name.
    * It would be great if your site had the option to remember my login and password, so customers wouldn’t have to type it in each visit.
    * Hire me to be a “spotter” and I could report miscategorized items. They would sell quicker if in the correct category.

    I LOVE SCHOOLA, as you can tell from my purchase history.
    Schoola is Cool-ya !

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    • Thanks so much for your thorough feedback! We really appreciate it. We’re continuing to work hard on improvements. Please note, you should receive an email when your bag donation is received. So glad you’re a fan! Turi


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