Let’s Celebrate 10,000 Schools and Counting!


In the past two years Schoola has grown from supporting 5 schools to 10,000. With the school year ending, we want to take a moment to celebrate their success and highlight some fun superlatives.

Best Dressed: Texas
The Lone Star State does the most shopping on Schoola–outfitting Texas families while supporting schools. (For every $5 you spend on Schoola, $2 is donated to schools.)

Most Likely to Succeed: New York
This stellar state has raised the most per school. Part of this success is due to our featured schools in NY, which we’ve highlighted throughout the year. You can apply to be a featured school, too!

Most School Spirit: California
The Golden State has the most schools fundraising with Schoola. This also happens to be where Schoola got its start with five pilot schools just two years ago.

Most Likely to Save the World: Missouri
This state has wrangled the most donations per school. Take a cue from them and get more donations by sharing your school page on social media, asking extended family and friends to request donation bags online, and holding a classroom competition during your clothing drive to see who can get the most donations.

Most Social: Florida
This Southern state is super gung-ho–they’ve referred the most friends to join Schoola, which means more funds for schools. You can spread the word too: simply grab your referral link, start sharing, and give your friend $15 to shop. You’ll get $15 in Schoola credit once your friend purchases. The best part is that all purchases made with referral credits benefit schools just the same.

Curious about the map above? Check out these fun facts associated with the flags:

  • St. Justin the Martyr in St. Louis, MO: Raised funds for 40 iPads and a chicken coop.
  • Abyssinian Benefit School in Harlem, NY, NY: Built a new playground.
  • Yick Wo Elementary in San Francisco, CA: Sustained an art program.
  • Livermore Valley Charter School in Livermore Valley, CA: Outfitted a computer lab.
  • KIPP Academy in the Bronx, NY: Raised over $25,000 for their music program–also our top earning school!

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