The Journey of My Daughter’s Dress


By Stacey Boyd, Schoola Founder

My family and I recently moved. As hard as moving can be, it was also a welcome walk through time past. I sorted through books we read together, including more than one dog-eared Goodnight Moon, thumbed through pictures the girls made me when they were much younger and sifted through Christmas dresses, twirly skirts and so many other items of clothing that took me to particular moments in time. Camping in the mountains. Running down the beach and jumping into waves. Teaching the girls how to ride a bike. Making gingerbread houses. Eating ice cream. There were so many rich memories woven into the fabric of each item of clothing I held in my hands.

The process reminded me of the very first donation bag I sent to Schoola. Full confession: I am a hoarder. My default is always to save, and with my girls and their clothing, I found the parting even tougher. I just couldn’t drop their little dresses and sweaters and jeans, and memories, into a generic, anonymous donation bin, most of which was likely headed to a landfill.

Then we piloted Schoola. I still remember Schoola’s first ever donation bag sitting at the bottom of the stairs packed chock full of cute little clothes and many memories which I for years had resisted donating. But through Schoola I was able to donate the bag to my daughter’s preschool, a wonderful little school that has a scholarship program for children who can’t afford the full tuition. My daughter’s best friend was a recipient that year and our clothes went towards that scholarship. Looking at the bag at the bottom of the steps I felt such warmth knowing how those items of clothing that had held such meaning for me were going to continue giving meaning to others—including my own daughter, in the form of her friendship she wouldn’t have had if our school didn’t provide scholarships.

While summer quickly nears its end, we’ll all be gearing up for the new school year—refreshing our kids’ wardrobes for the fall.  It’s a perfect time to do a closet clean-out. Over the summer you can request a postage-paid donation bag from Schoola and drop it in the mail. It’s as easy as that to transform outgrown or no longer worn clothing into new opportunities for your child—if not a scholarship program like my daughter’s preschool’s, perhaps your son or daughter’s music program needs violins or the PE program needs new soccer balls. Whatever the need, each bag donated means, on average, $40 goes back to make your child’s school a better place. And with the advent of our women’s collection, you can now donate items from your own wardrobe as well.

Schoola has always been about folding clothes and unfolding a child’s potential.  Thanks for being a part of the journey and helping make that happen.

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