Our Guide to Kick-Starting Your Fundraising With Schoola

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It’s game time! In 14 weeks your school can earn up to $3,750 with just one clothing drive.  Below is everything you need to know to run a successful schoolwide clothing drive–just follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. Pick a date & book a drive: Choose the week you want to run your drive—you can book a drive as soon as two weeks out. Our most successful schools run four drives a year (Yick Wo raised $15,000 with 4 drives). Book all four drives now and get them on the calendar so parents will know when to expect them. Pro tip: Pairing drives with other events can boost participation. Think about when parents will be at the school: Back-to-School Night, the Holiday Pageant, Field Day, etc. Talk about Schoola at PTA meetings. Get the word out: The week before your drive, we’ll send you handouts and materials to help you spread the word and increase drive participation, including flyers to notify parents and stickers to help them mark their donations. Include them in your back-to-school materials or hand them out at your first open house. School year already started? No worries, schools host drives year-round.
  2. Week of–collect donations: The week of your drive, parents bring in bags of gently used kids’ and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes. Share your school’s page with friends and family so they can shop or request a postage-paid donation bag to support your school.
  3.  Final day–send your donations to Schoola: The last day of your drive, our logistics manager will coordinate your pickup. All you need to do is box up the bags for shipping. Pro tip: Boxes can be any size, and there is no need to purchase new boxes because used ones are easy to find. Most schools get them from their custodial staff. When we receive your clothes, we’ll sort, photograph and list them on www.schoola.com in no time. You can follow your fundraising progress on your very own Schoola Page. You can see an example school page here and find your school’s page here.
  4. Every quarter–reap the rewards: We’ll send you checks quarterly for your school’s share of the proceeds, so it doesn’t take long to see a return.

Get started now: Fill out this form and one of our Schoola coaches (a.k.a. fundraising gurus) will be in touch.


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