Jumping Back Into School: 10 Tips to Ease the Transition

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Our community shares their #BackToSchoola dreams including bloggers Skunkboy and This Charming Life by Kaelah Bee.

We’ve had so much fun seeing you share your #BackToSchoola photos on social media, and if you’re anything like us, you’re still easing back into the school year. Here are 10 tips for making the back-to-school transition easier for your whole family.

  1. Create a handy whiteboard calendar in a central area like your kitchen where your family can reference their schedules. Have outfits picked out the night before so your kiddos are all ready to go in the morning–no last minute arguments about what to wear. Just like us, some kids are not morning people, so you can even dress them while they’re half asleep. It’s a great way to ease them awake.
  2. Get them involved in making their lunch so it’s something they’ll actually eat. While you’re making the main part of their meal, have them choose a side like an apple or carrots, or pick their drink.
  3. This sounds obvious, but you won’t be there to help them eat their lunch. Make sure your child knows how to open ziplock bags and lunch containers, and can put a straw in a juice box (that last one can even be tricky for grownups). You’ll also want them to know how to close containers, so you don’t end up with messy lunch bags at the end of the day.
  4. The first day of school isn’t the only photo op: bring your camera for the first week or two and capture moments with your child’s new classmates. This is super helpful when your child lets you know they have a new friend, or tells you a story about something that happened at school. They can point out their classmates in the pictures. Plus it’s an easy way to create a memory book at the end of the school year.
  5. When you’re dropping your child off, it’s easy to forget to have a plan for where you’ll pick them up. Make sure the game plan after school is just as clear as the drop-off plan.
  6. There are so many possible scenarios for new experiences when sending your child off to school, so play the “what if” game. “What if I’m late picking you up?” “What if you forget your homework?” You can mix in silly “what ifs” so your child doesn’t feel like he or she is being grilled with intimidating questions, and to make it fun.
  7. Plan a nice treat after school–establishing an after-school tradition will give your children something to look forward to after a long day of class.
  8. Sometimes when you ask, “How was your day?” you get no response. Asking specific questions will lead to more detailed responses. Try specific questions like: “Who did you sit with at lunch?” “Who did you play with at recess?” “What did the teacher say about XX?” “What did other kids bring for lunch?” (which will help you get ideas for what to pack).
  9. The first few weeks of school can be totally exhausting. Don’t be surprised if your kiddo hits the hay as early as 6 pm. He or she might be more emotional than usual as well. And don’t be hard on yourselves if the transition takes a few months.
  10. Most importantly, school should be fun, so don’t let the stress get you down. Make homework time a fun, family affair rather than a chore.

What are your tips for adjusting to the new school year? We want to hear from you. Comment below to share your words of wisdom.

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