Coaches’ Corner: Meet the Team + Fundraising Tips

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If you’ve run a school-wide clothing drive, chances are you worked with one of Schoola’s coaches, a team of fundraising gurus who help you every step of the way when setting up and running your school’s clothing drive. We wanted to take a moment to not only introduce you to our awesome team, but share some of their insider fundraising tips.

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Favorite School Memory: Tim loves to draw! He was lucky enough to grow up in the 1990s when art programs were still funded in grade schools. His favorite times at school were creative projects such as painting, bookmaking, and designing props for school plays. Today Tim works as a Schoola coach to help organize clothing drives that fund programs like the art projects he fondly remembers participating in as a kid.
Fundraising Tips:
– Share often on social media to increase participation and donations, which drive your earning potential. (Your Schoola coach will provide you with templates to make this easy.)
– Create a competition among the grades or classes, and provide a prize for the class with the most bags donated (pajama day, pizza lunch, etc).

Favorite School Memory: Lauren has had a love of writing since the fifth grade, when she wrote her first short story for a class assignment. She continued to foster her fondness forwords throughout high school and college, and spent time working as a writing tutor and English instructor before joining the Schoola team. Outside of the classroom she spent much of her free time brushing up on her soccer skills and played for the varsity team throughout high school. Lauren now works as a Schoola coach, helping schools across the nation raise funds to support writing, sports, and other awesome programs!
Fundraising Tip:
– Encourage friends and family that don’t live in the area to participate remotely by requesting a free postage-paid donation bag online—anyone can donate on behalf of your school!

Favorite School Memory: Jake loves math. No doubt about it. Geometry and statistics are his favorite, but algebra will do in a pinch. His favorite memory from his grade school years is probably the ‘lake’ that his science teacher built in the classroom each spring that his class could explore with their microscopes. As the logistics coordinator at Schoola, he ensures all your donations make it from your school to our doorstep.
Fundraising Tips:
– Be sure to have your parents fill out the donor stickers so we can let them know when their clothes find a new home.
– Lost & found clothes are a great low-effort way to supplement your school’s inventory, and we can pick up boxes of clothes at any time. Pro tip: Send in your lost & found at the end of each semester so you don’t end up with a huge pile at the end of the year.

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Favorite School Memory: Growing up, Jana loved reading and science. One of her fondest memories is the school-sponsored bookmobile, a free bookstore on wheels from which every child got to take a book home. She was also part of after-school science programs like Odyssey of the Mind, competing in engineering and physics challenges with friends. Jana continues to have a passion for reading and explores her inner science geek with her two boys. She now works as a Schoola coach, helping schools provide similar educational experiences for their students.
Fundraising Tips:
– Use the clothing drive as a teachable moment in the classroom! Educate students about recycling and water conservation. (Check out this free free printable worksheet that demonstrate the impact you can make by reusing and recycling gently used items)
– Link your drives to other school events that bring parents into the school, such as parent-teacher conferences, the book fair, or your spring festival.

Favorite School Memory: Julie has a fine arts degree. From early on, she added a creative flare to any project that would allow. She attributes her understanding of design and illustration techniques to her grade school art teacher. Innovative projects such as making marionettes, carving out linoleum stamps, and creating papier-mâché masks are some of her fondest memories. Julie is now a Schoola Coach helping schools, including her grade school, raise funds to give other children the opportunity to create lasting memories.
Fundraising Tips:
– Include a blurb or article in your school newsletter with progress and money raised; everyone loves a good progress update. You can also link to your Schoola page from your School’s website so you can watch a live tally of your fundraising progress.

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Favorite School Memory: One of Marthaluz’s favorite school memories is performing in Baile Folklorico’s Pineapple Dance in the third grade. Baile Folklorico was mainly a high school group, but they allowed other students in the district to participate. Marthaluz still loves trying different and unusual things. She spends her workdays helping to raise funds for schools, and her personal time giving back to her community, reading, eating, and exploring.
Fundraising Tips:
– Put signs in prominent locations to remind parents of the drive.
– Activate your phone/text/email tree the week of the drive to remind parents to donate.

Favorite School Memory: One of Stephen’s favorite memories was dancing the Macarena in grade school! This was just one of the many activities his PE class had–he always loved getting to play outdoors, which probably contributed to his love of camping and hiking as an adult.
Fundraising Tips:
– Get the Environmental Club, Student Council, or other clubs involved. This is especially good for middle and high schools.
– Share your fundraising goals and successes with the Schoola team—we often feature schools on our social media, and the added exposure can help you raise more!

Now that you’ve met the team, reach out at to set up a clothing drive, or simply request more info by filling out our online form and save programs like PE, art, and music in your school.

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