Spice Up Your Holiday Clothing Drive With a Classroom Challenge


With Thanksgiving only a couple weeks away, ‘tis the season for teachable moments about giving…

Schoola is offering a holiday edition of the classic clothing drive. We invite you to our holiday classroom challenge! Use our holiday coat & clothing drive poster to challenge your classes to compete and see who can bring in the most donations for your school.


Here’s an example of the flyer you can distribute at your school.

Want to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to get a holiday coat drive poster: This will allow you to track your donations by class, allowing for each grade to compete for special recognition. Your coach can get the poster and tracking stickers shipped off to you lickety-split. If you don’t already have a coach helping you with your drives, email coach@schoola.com.
  2. Encourage your community to clean out their coat closets! This time take a look at your coat closet, not just kids’ rooms to find unused items. It’s likely that you have a few pieces of outerwear that are ready to pass on from last season. During the challenge, your class will get “extra credit” for each piece of outerwear you donate, a sticker for each bag, and one for each coat means lots of chances for your class to get points.  
  3. Talk about your results: Following your clothing drive, you will need to take a photo of your results poster (example photo below) to send to Schoola so they can award the winner their $100 gift card. Why not use the poster to create a lesson involving math, giving, and ecology. Challenge your students to calculate the value of the donation – one coat sells on Schoola for an average of $15, which means each coat has the potential to earn $6 for your school. Based on this, what are your potential earnings? 

Closeup of a real Class Challenge in action!

I hope your holiday drive is successful and that the lessons in reuse resonate with your community.


Megan’s favorite school memory is discovering a peer counseling program that helped her become a leader in her toughest year of grade-school – when she grew 11 inches in 12 months, and moved / changed schools as a 5’8” fifth-grader. Now she is a mom of two bay area babes, and spends the workweek helping more parents find and leverage Schoola to fund their school programs.

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