5 Tips for Tip-Top Holiday Photos


You’re probably still planning your Thanksgiving menu, but soon enough your mailbox will be overflowing with fun holiday updates from family and friends. If you’re anything like us, you’re still scrambling to take a family photo for your holiday card.

Here are 5 tips:

  • Natural Lighting: Your first instinct might be to crowd in front of the Christmas tree, but instead step outside for that group shot. Then, find the light–even though it might involve a bit of squinting, looking into the light will ensure your photo isn’t backlit. Take your photos in that golden hour right before the sun sets to get the best shot.


  • Be Yourself: If your family is goofy, leverage that energy. Allow silly shots and have fun doing it. If your crew loves to build snowmen, capture an action shot. Your family photo is an opportunity to share something uniquely personal about your brood.
  • Take a Nap First: Cranky kiddos are the last thing you want on your hands when you’re trying to get a smiley photo. Try to schedule your photo session during an optimal time when you’re child isn’t going to have a meltdown.


  • Plan Outfits Ahead: You might want everyone to be matchy-matchy. Traditional themes are red and green, but there are lots of options. Silly sweaters (aka ugly sweaters) can be fun. Or maybe you want everyone to wear something that reflects their style. Remember that some colors like black and white can appear washed out in a photo, and that busy prints can sometimes appear even busier. Before setting the camera timer, check that everyone’s buttons are buttoned, flies are zipped (yikes!), and collars are flat.
  • Edit Your Photos: There are tons of free resources for for making small tweaks like lighting or adding filters. Most Macs come with iPhoto or you can try online resources like PicMonkey.com.

What’s worked for you when it comes to taking your own family photos? Comment below with your own tips.

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