ENDED: Win $25 in Our Color Us Grateful Contest


UPDATE: This contest has now ended.

We’ve partnered with Samantha Snyder, the illustrator behind the Attitude Is Everything coloring book, to do a fun coloring contest, a family-friendly activity perfect for the week of Thanksgiving. Here are the details:

When: Monday, 11/23-Sunday 11/29 at midnight PT
Prize: 3 winners will receive a $25 gift code to Schoola + a copy of the Attitude is Everything coloring book. (Please note, gift codes can not be used on new-with-tags items or in combination with other codes.)
What: Download the free printable “Gratitude is the Best Attitude” coloring sheet here, and color it to the best of your ability. Entries will be judged on creativity, and our favorite 3 will win.
How: Once you’ve colored the coloring sheet, snap a photo and share it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, or simply email us at social@schoola.com. Here’s how:

  • Twitter: Tweet at @Schoola with the hashtag #ColorUsGrateful and a photo of your completed coloring sheet.
  • Instagram: Post a photo of your completed coloring sheet with the hashtag #ColorUsGrateful and tag @Schoola2U.
  • Facebook: Share a photo of your finished coloring sheet and tag @Schoola on Facebook with the hashtag #ColorUsGrateful. Please note that due to a Facebook technical glitch, sometimes it’s not possible to tag Schoola via mobile devices. In that case, don’t hesitate to email us your entry to make sure we see it (details below).
  • Email: If you’re having trouble with the above, please feel free to email social@schoola.com with a photo of your coloring sheet.

Winners: We’ll select three winners the week of 11/30. We’ll reach out to them on the social media platform they entered on.

Now that we’re done with the nitty-gritty contest details, let’s talk about Samantha, the creator of this fun coloring sheet. We were excited to virtually “sit down” with her to ask her a few questions about her childhood, and how it influenced her art. Hear it from her:

A big part of Schoola’s mission is helping raise funds for school programs like art, music, and P.E. that are often cut from school programs. Do you have a favorite childhood memory from school that really inspired you?
I remember my teachers always finding new ways and activities for us to use our imagination and creativity.  We didn’t have separate music or art teachers in elementary school, so my teachers had to try and bring those subjects in as best they could.  In 3rd grade our teacher had us write and illustrate our own stories in hardbound blank books (I still have mine today).  I loved coming up with my story,  but I remember enjoying coming up with the illustrations more.  It was then that I started telling people I wanted to be a storybook illustrator when I grew up.  Even though I explored different avenues throughout my life and have tried out different things, this dream was always in the back of my head.  And in a somewhat roundabout way, I have come to illustrate books, which kind of amazes me.  

What advice would you give to a child pursuing an artistic or creative career?
For anyone who has a dream of pursuing art, I have just a few words of encouragement: Start where you are with what you have. We all have different experiences and opportunities growing up and we shouldn’t let that deter us from following our dream. I never took art lessons or classes when I was young and my materials consisted of a worn-down pencil and some notebook paper for most of my life. It wasn’t till after I turned 30 that I started any kind of formal training in art. You are never too old or inexperienced to start as long as you are willing to work hard and not be embarrassed or afraid to try. It’s all about your attitude.


Tell us a little bit about yourself–when you’re not “doodling,” what are your hobbies?
Well, when I’m not doodling, editing, or working on my websites….I am busy taking care of my two kids (soon to be three!) with my husband. We keep things pretty simple. As a family we enjoy bike rides, exploring different places, and watching old TV shows on Netflix. I try to take a couple art classes every semester so I can eventually get my BFA and hope one day to have my MFA.   I enjoy reading (Stephen King books are my favorite), taking road trips (that hopefully end at Disneyland), and drinking Dr. Pepper (a horrible habit, I know).
Don’t forget to get your contest entries in before Sunday, 11/29. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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