Make the Most of Your Spring Clothing Drive

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Maybe it’s frosty in your neck of the woods, but spring is in the air and your school year will be wrapping up in a flash. Now is a great time to book a clothing drive – you can take advantage of the season change (spring cleaning can mean lots of new inventory for your school!) and these items will be listed just before the end of the school year, providing earning potential all summer long. Here are some tips on scheduling drives and what to donate to maximize your fundraising potential:

When to Book: Schedule drives seasonally, and book ahead:

  • Think about seasonal moments, whether it’s time for ‘spring cleaning’ and Earth Day, you’re gearing up for post-holiday end-of-year giving, or you’re jumping into a new school year.
  • Think of big events when parents will be at the school like Open House or performances, and have a drive that week with a drop-off at the event as well.
  • Our most successful schools hold 3-4 drives a year. Your Schoola coach can help you set up the right cadence for your school.


What to Donate: You know the basics: we accept women’s and kids’ clothes, but here are some tips to help make your donations go the distance:

  • Only donate items that originally retailed for over $15. To maximize earnings for schools, we don’t accept any items below this price threshold – so to ensure that that the inbound shipping cost is as low as possible (this cost is deducted from your school’s earnings), please don’t send them in.
  • Don’t forget to donate shoes and handbags. These items sell for more, meaning that your school share is biggest for these bigger-ticket items.
  • We also accept men’s clothes for our Teen Boys section (no suits please!), as well as baby and maternity clothes.

Pick and Choose: Ask yourself these three questions when cleaning your closet:

  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does it fit?

If you are holding on to anything that is a “no” to any one of these 3 questions, consider donating them to Schoola – turn it into money for your school instead.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to to book a drive today.

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